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EARTH’S OWN Compost Activator


The Biological Agents

Earth’s Own Activator is inoculated with the following mixture of microorganisms which are naturally occurring, isolated and cultured on organic substrates which are nutritionally fortified with the essential nutrients, substances and compounds to enhance microbial growth and proliferation. The microorganisms are not mutated or bio-engineered.

The twenty-five (25) beneficial microbes inoculated into the
Bio-PLUS Activator are categorized as follows:

Category 1: Seven (7) Bacteria for Decomposition,
Enzyme Production and Nutrient Transformation

Category 2: Three (3) Bacteria for Decomposition of
Polysaccharides and Enzyme Production

Category 3: Three (3) Bacteria for Enhanced Decomposition,
Compost “Sweetening” and Probiotics Production

Category 4: Five (5) Bacteria of Nitrogen Fixation and Nutrients Transformation

Category 5: Seven (7) Fungi for Decomposition, Probiotics Production and Nutrient Transformation


The Food Base

Earth’s Own Activator is a scientifically formulated biological preparation containing twenty-five (25) species of beneficial microorganisms which are naturally-occurring and are not mutated nor bio-engineered. And because of this diverse population of biological agents a especially prepared, well–balanced nutrition is required. The food base is so formulated to provide all the essential nutrients, enzymes, organic acids, amino

and fatty acids, growth promotants, phyto-vitamins and functional compounds such as chelating agents, emulsifiers, surfactants and stabilizers to enhance the growth and activity of the beneficial microbes. The Bio-PLUS Activator when applied to any mixture of biodegradable materials both of plant and animal origin will accelerate the decomposition or bio-fermentation of the same.

In order that the beneficial microbes can proliferate in the manner they should be the “food base” was scientifically formulated to achieve just this. It consists of the important ingredients which are categorized as follows:


Category 1: Macro- and Micro-nutrients and Chelated Trace Minerals

Carbon - Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium - Calcium  - Magnesium - Sulphur  - Zinc

Iron - Boron - Copper - Manganese - Molybdenum - Sodium - Cobalt - Chlorine - Silicon

Selenium - Alumina - Colloidal Silver


Category 2: Enzymes

Cellulase - Hemicellulase- Amylase - Lipase - Protease - Sucrase - Lactase

Invertase - Urease - Phosphatase - Sulfatase - Hydrolas


Category 3: Organic and Amino Acids

Organic Acids - Acetic - Butyric - Citric - Formic - Oleic  Stearic - Humic
Amino Acids - Lysine - Methionine - Tryptophane - Cystine - Cysteine - Glycine - Leucine


Category 4: Growth Promoting Substances

Phyto-vitamins - 1.2 Alpha-keto acids - Gebberellic acid


Category 5 : Functional Compounds


Chelating Agents - Emulsifiers - Surfactants - Stabilizers - Anti-oxidants

Benefits of Using the Earth’s Own Activator in the Composting Process


The following benefits are realized when Earth’s Own Activator is applied in the composting process.


It will enhance the decomposition process.

It will eliminate weeds and pathogenic micro-organism.

It will produce a uniform and homogeneous product.

It will enrich the finished product nutritionally.

It will enhance the production of humus.

It will remove foul odor.

It will stabilize the putrescible matter in organic waste.


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