Amazingly fuel efficient CT compost turner

Only 30 hp to go through a 2.7x1.5m windrow.

In real world testing a JPH Equipment CT270 compost turner proved to be so well balanced and power efficient that it only used 15 hp to go through a standard size 2.7x1.5m windrow at 400mt/ph.  The test rig was a John Deere 110hp tractor that used 30% power alone, results shown a for a John Deere 110hp pulling a CT270 through a two week old 2.7x1.5m windrow that had not been turned that day.


 Unit                                    Power Required

Just Tractor Alone                    30%

+CT270 @ 200mt/ph              38%

+CT270 @ 240mt/ph              42%

+CT270 @ 330mt/ph              45%

+CT270 @ 400mt/ph              47%


This test was undertaken on a 2 week old windrow that had been turned 48 hours ago.  Using the CAN bus port we were able to monitor the tractors data as we turned through a standard size 2.7x1.5m windrow at speeds from 200mt to 400mt/ph recording data like throttle position, speed, rpm.


Red Trace is Tractor Speed                      Green Trace is Tractor Horse Power





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