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FaJPH Equipment granted the Soil Foodweb Tick of Approval.

The Soil Foodweb Institute  (Australia), has assessed and granted the SFI Tick of Approval to the range of compost turners produced by JPH Equipment.  The Soil Foodweb Institute (Australia) have found that;

  •  The JPH Equipment CT360 & CT270 Windrow/Compost Turners compost mixing ability to be the best current available, offering increasing dissolved oxygen levels, whilst lowering waste carbon dioxide levels produced by microorganisms in the compost
  • The JPH Equipment CT360 & CT270 Turners are very effective at distributing water evenly throughout the windrow during the turning process.
  • The JPH Equipment CT360 & CT270 Turners, treat the windrow material evenly, mixing thoroughly without pulverising

Farmfest Toowoomba 2015 - Site E30

JPH Equipment Pty Ltd is proud to be at Farm Fest Toowoomba again this year 2 -4th June at site E30! We will be displaying our unique patented CT series Compost Turners alongside our Water Wagon, Bagger 3 and our all new remote controlled Slope Mower the "Langstra"!  Also sharing the JPH site will be Oz Turners displaying their Mulcher.

Come and talk to our manufacturer who will be on site and willing to answer all your technical questions.  We'll have experanced composters and farmers that can talk to you about how to make compost in 4 weeks and how to turn your waste into resources.

Farm Fest Toowoomba again this year 2 -4th June at site E30!
We look forward to seeing you.


JPH Equipment visits Northern Europe's
premier agricultural show

In November 2014 JPH Equipment managing director Jorgen Hansen travelled to the Agromek show in Denmark.  Agromek is Northern Europe's premier agricultural exposition and was attended by almost 50 thousand visitors all excited to see a record number of exhibitors showing the very latest in agricultural machinery, automation and technological innovation, with over 290 new products alone.

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The future of fertilisers
and waste recycling

Current challenges facing dairy producers Over the last few years there has been a steady movement towards biological dairy farming practices like use of manures, composting and re-mineralisation.  Producers have begun to realise that what we have been told about only needing nitrogen is not the complete picture. The wheels have begun to fall off the cart and of particular concern to most is the decline in soil structure and herd health.


Composting for the soil type is critical

Over the last few years there has been a steady movment towards bioligical dairy practices like the use of manures, composting and remineralistion. In this artical in Dairy News Australia, Adam Willson talks about how Composting for the right soil type is critical to achive the best results. 

Turning Macadamia waste
and organic waste into compost

Qld and northern NSW macadamia nut growers are quietly confident this year's crops will provide a much-needed boost to the industry.  Macadamia nut grower Daniel Harris, using a JPH Equipment CT270 Windrow Turner to turn nut husk and organic waste into compost WATCH STORY

Farmfest Toowoomba 2014

At FarmFest Toowoomba 2014 JPH Equipment were excited to introduce the latest upgrades to their line of CT series large volume composters and water wagons, as well as stationary and mobile bag and seal units.

JPH Equipment's Compost Turners provide an easy to use solution for your organic waste management problems creating compost that builds soil quality and increases yields at a fraction of the cost of chemical fertilisers.

JPH Equipment exhibit at
Farm Fantastic 2013 Caboolture

JPH Equipment exhibits their CT360 & CT270 Windrow Turner at Farm Fantastic 2013 Caboolture where over 35000 people visited the 900 stands and 100's of events. JPH Equipment CT360 & CT270 Windrow Turners are ideal for Dairy farm & Feed lot composting turning Waste into effective and environmentally friendly quality fertilizer.




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