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CT360 & CT270 Compost Turner

CT360 & CT270 Compost TurnerThe JPH Equipment CT360 & CT270  (towable) compost turners provides an easy and inexpensive solution to your organic waste management and composting needs.  The heart of the patented CT Series is the drum and paddle design that efficiently breaks up and mixes your compost ingredients while providing maximum aeration and product blending. It also lifts the windrow to a greater height which allows more material to be added thus improving productivity.  Find out more

Bagger 3 HD Heavy Duty Bagging Machine

Bagger 3 Semi-Auto Bagging MachineJPH Equipment's Bagger3HD is a heavy duty stationary bagger for industrial use in sand yards and gravel pits. Due to it's design, it can work reliably with wet sand. The bagging machine comes both in single and 3 phase power. A single operator can bag well over 200 bags/hour with ease.   Find out more

Bagger 3 Semi-Auto Bagging Machine

Bagger 3 Semi-Auto Bagging MachineJPH semi-automated bagging machines are capable of filling plastic or woven bags with landscaping products such as compost, sand or gravel and sealing ready for transport or sale. The bagging machine comes both in single and 3 phase power. A single operator can bag well over 200 bags/hour with ease.   Find out more

Bagger 2 Towable Bagging Machine

Bagger 2 Towable Bagging MachineThe Bagger 2 is a JPH Equipment well built and designed, transportable unit, able to be simply hitched to any standard vehicle tow ball and used virtually anywhere you require. The Bagger 2 is also fitted with an electronic timing control, which allows timing to 1/100 seconds for consistent bagging.  Find out more

BATCH Pot Filling Machine

Potting Machine designed for Horticultural, greenhouse and nursery industryBATCH, Pot & Flat Filler for the Horticultural industry. It's designed to take the back-breaking labour out of pot filling. Its a quiet, fast, simple, reliable and consistent way of filling almost any type of pot, container, hanging basket or nursery flats, with the correct volume and mix of soil and fertiliser.   Find out more

WT5000 Water Wagon

WT5000 Water Wagon WT5000 Water Wagon has a 5 horse power Honda water pump that can also be connected to a compost turner for pumping water into the inbuilt watering system, adding water to the compost as it moves along. This unit can also be fitted with spray arms for spraying water behind the tractor towing it.

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LC815 Loading Conveyor

LC815 Loading ConveyorThe JPH Equipment LC815 Loading Conveyor makes loading spreaders and trucks easy work.  A 30t tipper can be loaded with Manure, Chicken Litter, Fertilizer, Dirt or even Compost in as little as 7 to 10 minutes (depending on material).

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The Langstrå - All terrain, radio controlled slope mower

The Langstrå Remote Controlled Slope Mower is an Australian designed and built remote controlled slope mower, specifically constructed for Australian conditions. Difficult Slopes and steep hills are a fact of life in landscaping, those hills and slopes can be very dangerous to mow without the right type of equipment.

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