The CT series of tractor pulled compost / windrow turners are Australian made & designed, with a built-in wetting and inoculation system for inoculants and starters.  The CT series are the equal of any Compost/Windrow Turner are available in  CT360 3600mm tunnel or CT270 2700mm tunnel


JPH’s CT Series Compost Turners provide even mixing and consistent saturation through the windrow, extremely low power consumption and fantastic fuel efficiency.

CT360 Windrow Turners is the machine you need to turn organic waste into profits.

The CT270 are Australian made and designed, tractor pulled compost turner /windrow turner with a built-in wetting and inoculation system for applying compost inoculants and starters. The CT series Turners the equal of any Compost/Windrow Turner currently sold in the world and Australian designed & manufactured. Available in 2 standard sizes: CT360 (3600mm tunnel) and CT270 (2700mm tunnel) (both towable) to ensure you have the right Windrow Turner for your Recycling/Composting Waste Management needs.   With 1800mm and 4800mm versions available as special orders.

power graph ONLY

The tractor only used 30 extra
horsepower to go through a
2.7×1.5m windrow.

In testing a JPH CT270 compost turner proved
to be so well balanced and power efficient that it
only used 30 extra hp to go through a standard
size 2.7×1.5m windrow.​

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Fully galvanised tunnel

JPH's CT Series Compost Turner Fully galvanised tunnelBecause the process of turning organic waste into compost involves moisture, heat and acids, which can be highly corrosive, the entire Windrow Turner tunnel is made from painted galvanised steel to improve the overall life. The painted galvanised tunnel also eliminates any pooling areas where wet compost can accumulate and cause corrosion. The Compost/Windrow Tuners “semi circle” tunnel was designed for strength and simplicity.

Patented drum and paddle design

The heart of the patented CT Series is the drum and paddle design that efficiently breaks up and mixes your compost ingredients while providing maximum aeration and product blending. It also lifts the windrow to a greater height which allows more Compost material to be added thus improving productivity.

Designed to Save Water

CT360 Compost Turner attached to a WT5000 Water Wagon which is as an integral part of the composting process.Towable CT270 Compost Turner running with WT5000 Water Tanker filled with wetting and inoculation agent A side mounted trailing arm makes it simple to attach a WT5000 Water Wagon which is as an integral part of the composting process. Water can be easily added to the windrow using the CT Series Compost Turner built-in watering system. The special nature of the unique watering system is to save water and the design ensures an even spray of water in the windrows. Therefore better composting, less water usage and limited water runoff.

Hydraulic Steering and height control

The CT Series Compost Turner hydraulic system is easily operated from the comfort of the tractor cabin which allows the unit to centre behind the tractor and lift the Windrow Turner for higher ground clearance and easier height control while turning. Should your tractor not be equipped to lever hydraulic control for the Windrow Turner then we can supply the Bare Co hydraulic control valves and brackets needed.

FREE Compost Turner Training and Induction.

Compost Turner Training and InductionYour CT Series Compost / Windrow Turner includes compost training and a machinery induction course with every CT Series Compost Turner sold.​Read more about how the tests where undertaken.

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Designed for your safety

The CT Series Windrow Turners are fitted with sturdy rubber curtains front and back which will stand up to some of the harshest treatment. The curtains will block most of the debris from being thrown to far, front and rear of the tunnel, but will not affect the windrow height itself.

The strong well constructed CT Series Compost/Windrow Turner will be an enjoyable key to your successful Recycling/Composting Waste Management.

CT270 Compost Turner /Windrow Turner Specs:

  •  Manufactured: Australian Manufactured for Australian Conditions
  • Tow Speed: Requires “creeper” or hydrostatic gearing.
  • Drum Width: Uses a 2.7m wide drum.
  • Windrow Size: Makes windrows 2.7m wide and 1.4m high.
  • Weight: 2000kg
  • Output: 900 cubic meters per hour.
  • Tractor Required: Suggested requirement of a minimum of 70hp tractor.