Farm Fantastic 2013 Caboolture

JPH Equipment exhibit at Farm Fantastic 2013 Caboolture

More than 35,000 people will visit farm fantastic expo here at Caboolture and with so many exciting events and almost 900 exhibitors on display it’s easy to see why. We talk to jarn Hanson from JPH Equipment about the turnout at the show. JPH Equipment CT360 & CT270 Windrow Turners are ideal for Dairy farm & Feed lot composting turning Waste into effective and environmentally friendly quality fertilizer.

We asked him how the show was going today and he said “it’s going really well thank you, we have had a great turn out turn out yesterday and it seems to be a good day today. We asked how you finding the crowds he said “Really good they are really exciting about the machine”

I asked what’s the thing that’s got the most interest for the people that are visiting the stand “I think it’s mainly the windrow turner and the Bag and seals is getting quite a lot of interesting too” If you’d like to find out more about the products produced by JPH visit us at or call 0400 897 575