QBlend Pty Ltd in Carole Park QLD.

Qblend Pty Ltd Building

I was I need of a bagging machine that could handle materials such as wood chip and Soil products, I contacted J.P.H Equipment and decided upon a Bagger 3 for my needs, it was built and delivered to my site within 7 weeks of initial order.
The Bagger 3 far exceeded my expectations and paid for itself in no time, I have no doubt that the Bagger 3 is one of the best bagging machine investments I have made, easy to load with forklift bucket and churning out 20kg bags every 2.5 seconds its just simply effort less. Also when I have needed help or advice regarding the Bagger 3 Jorgan from J.P.H Equipment is most helpful and punctual with answers.
I have had the Bagger 3 for just over 2 years now and have feed Hundreds of tonnes of product through it without any issues and wouldn’t hesitate purchasing ang bagging equipment from J.P.H Equipment

William Durrant
Qblend Pty Ltd
Carole Park QLD.
March, 2021

Daniel Harris of Piccadilly Park Macadamias in Bangalow NSW.

Daniel and Carl Harris.Hi, My name is Daniel Harris of Piccadilly Park Macadamias in Bangalow NSW.  We have been composting for several years now where we would have our compost sit for about a year with the occasional turn. Really we needed a method of composting that would speed up the production time line from start to completion in about 4 – 5 weeks.

Searching the internet we found the JPH Equipment Compost Turner that looked like it could do the job and also had a clever solution that incorporated water into the pile.  They were very helpful and informative and even provided a demonstration of the Compost Turner before we purchased it and the team always have time for my calls when I have a question.  JPH Equipment also provided a very informative induction which was very thorough and covered all liable bases although it was rather taxing.  We found the performance of the machine excellent, and although we had a few plumbing problems with the WT5000 water wagon, that we also bought with the Compost Turner, they were soon fixed.

JPH Equipment is very responsible and all ways keen to rectify any issues that arise. We at Piccadilly Park Macadamias are most definitely happy with our purchase and if you are in the Northern NSW you are more than welcome to stop by and view the CT in action.  Thanks JPH Equipment for designing and manufacturing a very useful machine that produces great compost.  When one considers that all life on this planet of ours comes from the soil, building compost that enriches top soil is a truly honourable pastime.

Daniel Harris
Piccadilly Park Macadamias
Bangalow NSW.
Feb 11, 2015

Ian Townsend of TFT Hoe Hire Glen Aplin Qld

Ian townsendMy thoughts on JPH’s CT360 Compost Turner: Let me introduce myself: my name is Ian Townsend and I live and work on the Granite Belt in South East Queensland.  I have been around machinery all my life.  I was brought up on a farm and then ventured into farming myself.  For the past 17 years I have operated my own earthmoving business, Testimonials and have over the last couple of years expanded into composting.

I have witnessed the changes in approaches to agriculture in recent times and I believe that we must embrace these changes so that we have viable business and sustainable practises to hand on to future generations.

When I first started composting I began with static piles which I turned with a backhoe. This task was very time consuming and only produced small amounts of compost at a time.  After searching for info on the net and comparing available and affordable machines, the shape and design of the CT is what first caught my eye.  I contacted JPH and after some discussions with Jorgen, he arranged a demonstration with Ged. After seeing the CT in action I was convinced this machine was the one I needed for our composting process.  This machine would allow me to produce quantity and quality by moving to windrow production.

Once this decision was made, in the intervening time, til my CT was manufactured I had the use a different size and brand of windrow turner.  The difference between the two was chalk and cheese.  Once the CT was delivered and I began using it, even the agronomist could see the marked difference in the windrows turned by the different machines.  The JPH CT 360 turns and waters efficiently, effectively, neatly and evenly.

From the first contact with JPH both Jorgen and Ged were more than helpful.  Ged gave a hands on demonstration with the turner at his site, and Jorgen handled the order and manufacture.  The pre-delivery induction was very detailed and informative, addressing the wide range of workplace health and safety issues that are currently in place.

Any questions or problems have been promptly dealt with and personnel have been easily contactable. I am very pleased with the performance of the CT360, it’s simple to use and does a great job of mixing, aerating and watering all materials, and although the composting part of my business is still in its infancy, I have no doubt it will handle the work load as full production is reached.

At the end of the day I am proud to be able to buy not only Australian made but Queensland designed and manufactured.

Ian Townsend  (0417 612 913)
TFT Hoe Hire Pty Ltd
357 Townsend Road
Glen Aplin Qld 4381

April 7th 2015

Kelvin & Priscilla HAMILTON

Hamilton Agricultural Contractors – Casino

Priscilla & I purchased a JPH Compost Turner & Water Trailer in May 2017 to start our long-time dream of making Compost.  After a very informative induction by Jorgen of our new machinery, we began making our own compost immediately.

The turner does everything plus more than I expected. The turner makes a very neat tidy row & turns every part of the compost.

The water trailer is an excellent combination, easy to tow, turn around & fill. The trailer floats across wet ground with very little footprint.  I am proud to say we are marketing a top shelf compost, thanks to the excellent engineering & expert service of JPH equipment.

Kelvin Hamilton
Hamilton Agricultural Contractors
PO Box 764
Casino 2470 NSW
T: 02 6663 1230